Human Creativity and AI
As a graphic designer and photographer, in recent years I've been experimenting with Artificial Intelligence to create unique and captivating images. The process obviously involves human creativity. I usually create or select an image from my archive to feed AI tools. To make AI do what we want in image transformation, it's also necessary to provide appropriate prompts and training.

I'm not sure if the full process could be defined a collaboration between man and machine or simply a new essential tool in our workflow. What I know is that I've surely pushed the boundaries of my work; despite the challenges, I'm excited to continue exploring the intersection of art and technology through AI.

The creative process
The process begins with selecting an image, whether it's a photograph or a drawing, and feeding it into an AI tool. The tool generates a series of prompts, which can be used to alter the image in various ways, such as changing the color scheme, adding texture, or blending it with other images.

From there, it's up to me to fine-tune the image and ensure that it meets my artistic vision. This involves making creative decisions, such as which prompts to use and how to blend different elements together.

Post-work in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator is always necessary to fine-tune the AI-generated image, resize it, modify with proper brushes and techniques everything I need to change; in short, to ensure the new image meets my creative vision.

About this project
Although Artificial Intelligence systems have become essential in the process of creating/editing an image. 

I decided to create this section (project) as an ongoing carpet, to feed with some works I generally create for fun, curiosity. Sometimes (to a lesser extent) these works have been created from scratch, following a path of training, overlaying, and correcting the prompts. 

In most cases, nevertheless, the intervention of at least one or more images created without the use of AI is still essential in guiding the transformation towards the final result.
Workers in a post-atomic world
There are still some colors to correct and some post-work to do over the skin texture and skin tone but I'm quite satisfied about the result. Original image is a photographic portrait, made in my studio several years ago. I decided to keep the expression and mood and relocate the picture in a post-atomic world, part of which (buildings, window) I created in Illustrator to feed the AI. 
Process: image editing + Adobe Illustrator + MidJourney + quick editing in Ps. 
Time dedicated to the realization of this image: 3 hours.
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