The project "Arvardan's Trip to Earth" emerges from a concept by Stéfano Pérez Tonella.  Notably, the author seldom engages in Photography—a latency that, in the present context, means once every five years. 
His working time, as well as his spare time, is often channeled into other activities, such as researching or lecturing on Literature, the art of Visual Storytelling, alongside a plethora of personal and professional endeavors, including the direction of a small publishing house, literary composition, and the management of an independent bookstore.
The project's name, -Arvardan's Trip to Earth- somehow challenges any observers's mamory and draws inspiration from Isaac Asimov's character Bel Arvardan, featured in "Pebble in the Sky." It is interesting to note that Arvardan's role is minor, not critical to the narrative, and not particularly memorable.
Mirroring the character that serves as an inspiration, the author conceives himself as embarking on an exploratory journey to Earth, an unfamiliar planet, whose peculiar inhabitants reluctantly accept to subject themselves to observation, through a very special lens (capable of arresting time); such lens is a privilege accorded to Philosophers, Photographers, and Archaeologists.
This endeavor is conceptualized as a mosaic of fragmented and unstructured projects (a number of which involve a high degree of internal cohesion), observations, and curiosities. 
These elements are primarily dignified by the act itself of sulpting the visions. It's probably relevant to point out how images and rules of the terrestrial world remain elusive to the author, who finds himself in no better position than that of an extraterrestrial observer.
It is plausible that among the visuals shared, some may resonate as alien; others might be less interesting (mere clichée). Yet, some images defy categorization altogether. 
Some projects use other media, sometimes involving traditional photographic mediums, occasionally leveraging the innovative support of Artificial Intelligence (AI). For a deeper understanding of AI's transformative impact on the creative process, click here.
Artworks are available in limited editions, printed on premium fine-art paper. Each piece, individually numbered and stamped or signed on the reverse, comes with a certificate of authenticity, to ensure its provenance. 
For inquiries and purchases, kindly use the contact form.
These projects have graced various group and solo exhibitions across the globe, including Italy, United States, France, Spain, and Argentina. 
A number of works are currently part of public and private collections. Notably, the project «Normopatico»  has been inducted into the Musinf (Museum of Modern Art, Information, and Photography) of Senigallia's esteemed photographic archive on self-portraiture.
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